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Where Perfection is our Standard

Our ability to plan carefully and work flexibly has proved invaluable in our projects for commercial painting and decorating customers. For businesses, staying operational is vital and so we have developed a multitude of ways to minimise disruption to the business day. For institutions such as schools and colleges, we often organise our work over holidays, applying tight control to complete projects in the limited time available.

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Our Standards


Colleges and Schools (Commercial)

Our experience and knowledge of working on commercial listed buildings has been a major asset in our continuing work on historic colleges, where we often work closely with principal construction contractors on renovations and improvements.

Such buildings present many challenges. For example; one commission required us to refurbish historical oak panelling, which was as old as the building itself. We began by carefully removing all the accumulated dirt and coats of stain that had turned the wood dark brown. Contrary to our normal practice, we were asked to preserve certain examples of graffiti as it had been carved by historically famous alumni! A final buffed coat of traditional beeswax brought up the panelling like new and preserved it for future generations.