Wall2Wall Decorating Limited (the Company) recognises its moral and legal obligations as one of a vast number of custodians of the environment.  To this end, whilst accepting that construction activities have in general terms a negative/corrosive effect upon the environment, the Company will adopt all such measures that are reasonably practicable to minimise the effect of their particular sphere of activities.


The Company fully appreciates and supports all aspects of the scope of environmental legislation in seeking to prevent damage, harm or pollution, which can arise from the release of any substances having the potential to injure or harm human life or other living organisations supported by the environment.

The Company is also mindful of the potential to cause harm to the health of living organisms and other interference with ecological systems; and, in the case of humans, offence caused to their senses or property.

All materials selected (if they are not pre-specified by the client) will be as environmentally “friendly” as possible.  All materials will be taken off as accurately as possible so as to minimise waste on site, thereby keeping the resulting disposal process to an absolute minimum.  The Company is aware of its duty of care under The Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations in respect of waste and the environment and will comply with clients’ and principle contractors’ procedures relating to waste disposal and the duty of care.

If the Company is responsible for the removal of all waste transfer, notes will be handed to the principle contractor for inclusion in the health and safety file.

The Company has a strict policy of re-cycling all materials/waste which is the subject of regular monitoring.  Refer to the company’s Waste Disposal Policy for details.  Any general waste/toxic waste is collected on a regular basis by authorised and licensed carriers/disposers.  All operatives disposing of such waste will always wear the requisite personal protective equipment, which will be commensurate to the level of perceived/known exposure.

Regarding the burning of waste; it is an offence to allow the emission of dark smoke from industrial premises, which includes building, construction and demolition sites and accordingly, the Company will not in any circumstances undertake or condone any such practices.

The Company recognises that damage to the environment may arise from construction site activities, which may include any of the following pollutants; to air – dust and radiation, exhaust emissions, gases or vapours, noise or smoke; to land – chemicals, litter, oils and fuels, spillage of materials and waste materials; to watercourses and drainage systems – chemicals, contaminated water run-off, effluent, oils and paint, hazardous solid matter and slurry.  In this regard, the Company will employ its best endeavours to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, its own activities have minimum effect on the above environmental systems.

Acts of gratuitous wastage, of wanton disregard for any aspects of environmental preservation will be regarded as serious/gross misconduct and will be the subject of appropriate disciplinary action.

It is expected that all waste and debris will be removed from workstations as and when necessary to the designated disposal repository.  In any event, all workstations will be the subject of a comprehensive cleaning and disposal process fifteen minutes prior to the end of each working shift.


Responsibility for ensuring compliance with this policy is undertaken by Mr Joshua Molton; the Managing Director of Wall2Wall Decorating Limited.

Every staff member and sub-contractor must positively subscribe to the Company’s approach to all environmental issues.

Implemented: 17 October 2010

Next review: 30 July 2022