Wall2Wall Decorating Limited (the Company) considers itself to be an equal opportunities employer and takes its responsibilities in the areas of equality and diversity very seriously.


The Company fully supports the principle of equal opportunities in employment and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of race, gender/gender reassignment, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic/cultural background, disability, religion/belief, or for any other reason that might reasonably be considered discriminatory.  All staff, regardless of their station within the Company will be treated with fairness and respect.

The Company listens to, values and recognises the opinions and contributions of all members of staff.

The Company recruits, trains, promotes and provides staff benefits based solely on objective, job-related criteria.  Additional support is given where necessary; examples being basic English language (e.g. ESOL), Health & Safety awareness, NVQ training, etc.  Skills gaps are filled as required to enable all staff to operate to the best of their abilities.

This policy covers all aspects of employment from vacancy advertising, selection, recruitment, training and reasons for terminating employment.

The Company will work with sub-contractors to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that they work to the same principles of equal opportunities for all.


Discrimination can take many forms:

Direct Discrimination occurs where someone is treated less favourably than others in the same circumstances due to a particular characteristic.  

  • The Company takes care to ensure that they don’t discriminate against an individual due to differences as mentioned in the policy statement.

Indirect Discrimination occurs where a provision, criterion or practice is applied equally to all staff, but means that some staff groups are unable to comply for religious or other reasons.  This is unlawful where there is no reasonable justification for the provision, criterion or practice.

  • The Company takes care to ensure that all provisions, criteria and practices are non-discriminatory in all aspects, and are only implemented if required for operational reasons to do with health & safety.

Harassment is unwanted conduct that violates a person’s dignity, is intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive when all aspects are taken into account; including the victim’s own perception.  It can amount to discrimination.

  • The Company considers harassment of an individual or group of individuals to be a disciplinary offence.

Victimisation occurs where an individual is treated less favourably due to having taken out an action to assert their legal rights or have assisted a colleague in that regard.

  • The Company does not condone the victimisation of any individual or group of individuals.

Disability Discrimination is where a disabled person is treated less favourably by an employer (or potential employer) because of a reason relating to their disability.  This is unlawful if no justifiable reason exists.  Employers are required to make reasonable adjustments to working conditions or the workplace to help accommodate a particular disabled person.

  • The Company is prepared to make any reasonable adjustments to allow them to employ an individual with a disability.

Discrimination is only permitted in very limited circumstances due to strict occupational requirements for particular characteristics or for age-related criteria such as the sale of alcohol, etc.


Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and employment decisions will be made on the basis of fair and objective criteria. 

Vacancy advertisements are made through Jobseekers Plus and through agents of the Government’s Work Programme to enable as many interested parties as possible to apply.  Applications are also considered from “cold callers” and by word-of-mouth.

All formal vacancy advertisements include a statement with regard to equal opportunities.

Advertisements will only contain those person and job specifications pertinent to the advertised role will be included.

Training and Development

Individual training programmes will be identified for each individual in support of this policy.  Care will be taken to ensure that training materials chosen do not stereotype, prejudice or discriminate against individuals.  Where courses are sourced from outside training providers, the course content is expected to conform to this ethos.

All new staff will receive induction training.  All policies and procedures are to be brought to their attention; including, but not exclusively, this policy and the grievance and disciplinary procedures.

All individuals employed by the Company are given 6-monthly one-to-one appraisals to discuss their performance, development and training needs and opportunities.

Work/Life Balance

The Company are committed to ensuring that all employees enjoy a good work/life balance and will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate annual leave, compassionate leave and maternity/paternity leave without prejudice.

Adapting Working Practices

The Company is committed to recognising cross cultural differences.  An individual’s needs regarding the observance of their faith such as specific prayer times will be sympathetically considered; as will annual leave requests for the observance of religious festivals.  Every endeavour will be made to accommodate such requests, but it may not always be possible to do so.


If any individual is finding it difficult to undertake their role due to a disability, the Company will make all reasonable adjustments to that role so that they can continue in employment.  Redeployment will be considered if a suitable role is available.


All employees have the right to use the grievance procedure if they feel that they have been treated less favourably than others in the same circumstances or harassed.  All complaints and grievances with regard to equality and equal opportunities will be taken seriously by the Company and thoroughly investigated.  All grievances will be dealt with fairly and consistently and will include disciplinary action up to and including dismissal if required.

The Company will maintain confidential records of complaints covered by the scope of this policy and any investigation undertaken.


Responsibility for ensuring the implementation of this policy is undertaken by Ms Janet Angelo; the Managing Director of Wall2Wall Decorating Limited.

Every staff member and sub-contractor has a duty to abide by the contents and ethos of this policy.

Implemented:10 November 2010

Next Review: 25 July 2022