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Hall, Stairs & Landing.

Hall, Stairs & Landing are one of the most traversed routes in your home and so it’s no surprise that this is an area that sees the most wear and tear, finger marks and scuffs. It’s also one of the areas we get called out to see most often! While we can often give tips for quick, easy fixes for small scuffs and scratches, when you are ready to renovate the full area, we’re ready to help.

Stairs have hard to reach areas that people often, when attempting to redecorate themselves potentially could injure themselves trying to reach. Safety is of the upmost importance to Wall2Wall Decorating and as such we ensure our team is fully trained and fully equipped. Over 50% of injuries during DIY comes from over reaching or stretching which is why the correct equipment is vital not just to ensuring the highest quality finish, but the safety for all projects.

Our Standards