Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings are a fantastic property to own, but can be a difficult property to refurbish and manage.

With listed buildings requiring renovation in the set style and period of the building, it is key to have experienced decorators who are highly skilled in this type of work. Wall2Wall Decorating is insured up to a value of £5million to give our customers peace of mind around all the work being carried out.

Our Standards


Wall2Wall Decorating works on Grade 1 and 2 listed buildings, throughout Swindon. Our team of decorators are experienced in working with historical systems of decorating, including but not limited to:

Walls coated with disempa
Artec repairs
Clay & Lime based paints
Specific Mouldings
Gold Leafing
Repairing lath and plaster

Wall2Wall offers a free consultation for all enquiries, to provide an accurate, fixed cost quotation so you know that there are no nasty surprises.

No Charge Consultation