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Do You Have an Office Project We Can Help With?

More and more businesses are seeing the benefit of investing in their space. This is interior decorating, building communal spaces and allowing the business to develop a culture that allows it to succeed. This is all key for businesses today, but requires a high quality finish to have the desired effect.

Our Standards


Moving Offices

For businesses that are just setting up in their first premises or businesses that are relocating to new offices, Wall2Wall Decorating can ensure that the building is freshly decorated for your arrival. This is an opportunity to start anew, redecorating to ensure the building is in keeping with your brand.

Working Offices

With our dedicated team of employed decorators, we are able to redecorate offices with minimum disruption to any work as it is ongoing. We are able to work throughout the day alongside normal business, or we are able to provide night work to ensure there is no disruption. Where we are working side by side with employees, we ensure minimal disruption through protective screening and maintaining a clean, professional working environment.