Our experience in residential painting and decorating is extensive, which means we have learned how to produce high quality results in many kinds of situations and with many kinds of materials. We also never forget that we are often working in people’s homes and so every job is carefully planned to ensure any disturbance to the occupants is kept to a minimum.

Domestic Interiors/Exteriors

There are very few areas of a building that we have not been asked to decorate by customers and in most cases we can fulfil their wishes.

From a single feature wall to a complete house, including all exterior and interior finishes, we treat every project with equal care and attention to detail.

For older properties or those in need of refreshing, the improvement in appearance made possible by professional decoration can often be dramatic and increase property value.

  • 'Halls, stairs and landings' are perennial requests and we have all the equipment and knowhow to access awkward and high-level areas safely.

  • Hanging patterned wallpaper successfully takes artistry, accuracy and a good deal of experience.

  • Preparation, as they say, is everything. Most jobs begin with washing, rubbing down and filling all those tiny cracks and gaps which could affect the finished result.

  • We have a guaranteed way of flattening older walls to 'as new' standard without the need to replaster.

Kitchen Refurbishment

This has become one of our most popular services. With new kitchen installations becoming increasing expensive – not to mention the disruption their fitting creates – we have developed a process that enables customers to enjoy the look and feel of a brand new kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

Leaving the cabinets in place, so avoiding any damage to walls, we remove the old doors and drawer fronts and bring them back to our workshop where they are treated with cleaning solution and rubbed down. We then apply a paint system developed in Scandinavia for extreme conditions. This provides a washable and highly durable surface ideal for a kitchen environment.

With a choice of fashionable colours and the option of new door furniture, the reassembled kitchen will not only look superb, it will be ready for more years of service.

Kitchen Renewal

Local authority renewal programmes

Swindon Borough Council have a rolling programme of kitchen replacement for their housing stock and we provide decorating services to support this. With great variation in the types and condition of properties, we draw upon our team’s very broad range of skills to produce the high quality results that will complement the Council’s investment.

Landlords’ refurbishment

When tenants move out of their rented accommodation at the end of their lease, landlords or managing agencies have only a limited time to prepare the property for new tenants. The combination of our planning expertise together with our full-time permanent workforce, enables us to allocate craftspeople at short notice in sufficient numbers to get the job done well in the required timescale.

Care homes and sheltered accommodation

The work we do for care homes and the sheltered accommodation sector calls upon both our planning abilities and the paramount importance we give to customer care. For example, when we were commissioned to decorate a large number of rooms at a variety of private care homes, we ensured all our work areas were properly sectioned off and kept clean and tidy at all times. This contained any dust and noise and allowed vulnerable residents to maintain their daily routines undisturbed.

Commercial Interior Care Home

Complete renovations

We often work in partnership with reputable building companies on major property renovations. A particularly satisfying project was the complete exterior and interior decoration of a Georgian manor house which had remained unmaintained and undecorated for 75 years. With a wealth of period features and architectural quirks to accommodate, the works were diverse and complicated but the end results were genuinely stunning.