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Our experience in residential painting and decorating is extensive, which means we have learned how to produce high quality results in many kinds of situations and with many kinds of materials. We also never forget that we are often working in people’s homes and so every job is carefully planned to ensure any disturbance to the occupants is kept to a minimum.

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Our Standards


Sash Windows

Traditional wooden sash windows are often a beautiful complement to a building but are vulnerable to neglect and our wonderfully varied weather. We use a highly effective system to renovate sash windows in situ, avoiding the substantial cost of having new bespoke windows made and fitted.

Because many paints lose their flexibility as they age, the expansion and contraction of the timber frame can cause the paint film to crack. This allows water ingress – particularly where there are joints – and can lead to rot. We start the renovation by stripping back the frames, carefully removing any rotten wood and applying an adhesion primer when moisture levels are sufficiently low.

High Work


Listed Buildings


Problem Solvers

We have developed a range of techniques and painting systems that allow us to overcome the challenges posed by older properties. For example, preventing salts from damp brickwork penetrating through to the interior, or using shellac-based primers to ensure resin bleed-through is eliminated when painting over stained timber. If you have a decorating problem that requires a solution, we can almost certainly help.

Working safely at height has always been an important part of our painting and decorating skill set. Our portfolio includes trompe l’oeil ‘sky’ ceilings, intricate plaster cornices, grand stairwells, orangery roof lights, multistorey fire escapes, and many other high level structures.

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