Wall2Wall Ts&Cs

General Process:


Site Visit

Fixed Cost Quotation

Quote Accepted in principle via email or phone

We will speak with you to discuss the colours and when you would be able to have the project go ahead. Wall2Wall will then schedule in your project and provide you with the Confirmation document, detailing the works to be carried out, the start date and the colours chosen. This form will need to be signed or an email reply to confirm acceptance. At this point the cancellation policy for Wall2Wall comes into play

Quote Confirmation Agreed

Paint Colours Confirmed, if Confirmation not provided on the quote acceptance form

Decorators arrive on site

Project Completed


  • Wall2Wall must be provided with access to the property to start work from 8am each day, unless discussed with the decorators in advanced. Keys can be provided or the team can be let into the property. Decorators are expected to work an 8.5 hour working day and so will finish at/around 4.30pm, unless otherwise discussed.
  • If Wall2Wall Decorating is unable to access the property on any day that the project is planned, there will be an additional fee to the project of £120. If this causes a significant delay, the project may not be completed as scheduled and some works may be left outstanding. At this time, a partial invoice will be provided and will require immediate payment.


  • The customer will be required to remove all obstructions, loose items, curtains, blinds, light shades, carpets (if being replaced) prior to the start of works. If the Wall2Wall team is required to help move large objects, this must be discussed prior to the start of works.


  • The quote provided is valid for up to 60 days and is dependant on the works being carried out at a mutually agreeable start date. The project will be closed at the end of the month following when it was sent.
  • By accepting the quote you are accepting that the details listed in the quote meet your requirement and agree to these terms and conditions, including the payment terms.
  • The quote provided is an estimate. While we always endeavour to complete the work within this budget, in extreme cases you may be notified that, due to unforeseen circumstances (such as rot, damage and unforseen issues) Wall2Wall may not be able to complete the job to the specification or within the time or budget. Should this issue arise, you will be informed as soon as possible by a member of the Wall2Wall Team and given the opportunity to end the job early or to receive a new quote.
  • Variations to the original quote by the Client will incur an additional charge and will only be carried out if agreed with Wall2Wall Decorating. Extras can only be confirmed by the office staff and cannot be agreed by decorators on site. Additional works cost is none negotiable if the work has already been carried out.
  • If you’re quote includes multiple rooms that are individually priced and the planned works are spread out over a period time, each room will be invoiced as a separate job and paid in accordance with these Terms.

Fixed Cost Quotation Assumptions

Wall2Wall provides fixed cost quotations, on the understanding that assumptions are made around the property and the project. Cost may change if these assumptions prove to be untrue, this is a very rare situation and is more from a point of safety than any other issues.


  • There are no hazardous materials, such as lead and asbestos, or dangerous equipment, in the areas that our team are working. Anything that requires an additional risk assessment has the potential to be charged at a different rate.
  • Where wallpaper is to be removed for wall painting, the condition of the wall can only be known after removal. An assumption will be made that the wall is of fair condition or will require small amount of filler to provide a flat surface. If the wall then requires re-plastering, work will stop until the surface is able to be decorated.
  • The condition of the property is the same as when the site visit was held and that works carried out by other trades have not negatively impacted the Wall2Wall project, unless discussed.

Payment Terms

  • Wall2Wall guarantees your satisfaction. On project completion, Wall2Wall will provide an invoice for the full works completed and we appreciate our customers making payment as soon as possible, within 5 working days.
  • In the rare event that you aren’t completely satisfied with the works carried out, please let us know as soon as possible. In this event, 90% of your invoice remains payable with the final balance payable on final completion. Any “snags” or issues with the decorating carried out, need to be reported to Wall2Wall Decorating within 1 week of the project completion. This list will be reviewed, agreed and the works completed ahead of requesting the final payment.


  • Wall2Wall Decorating will apply paint in line with the quotation and the specification provided by the paint supplier.
  • Wall2Wall Decorating can work with any brand of paint, however our preferred paint brand, and default paint for quotes, is Crown Paints. Projects using Dulux, Keim and Farrow&Ball etc, will have a surcharge for the cost of the paints.
  • Paint ideally will be chosen when the confirmation email is shared however must be chosen at least 10 days ahead of the provided start date. If paint is not chosen before this date, this may be seen as a cancellation and subject to the costs in the cancellation policy.
  • Wall2Wall cannot choose paint on your behalf, colour choice is always a personal preference. Where possible, Wall2Wall will provide you with a colour chart, supplied to us by the paint suppliers. Wall2Wall cannot be responsible for the colours chosen.
  • Deep, intense colours will require additional coats of paint to achieve full opacity. This will incur additional costs in terms of paint required, and labour costs. This will be specified on the quotation.

Unforseen Circumstances

  • As a decorating business, there are a significant number of variables that Wall2Wall is unable to control. These can have a knock on impact on projects going ahead or projects running as smoothly as intended.
  • Assumptions are made in the quotes provided and these may cause changes to the final cost of the project, extend the length of time required for a project or require the team to stop the project for risk assessments to be carried out – this is in the case of hazardous materials being uncovered in the property.
  • Wall2Wall are unfortunately at the mercy of the weather when it comes to our exterior projects. This can cause significant disruption to our schedule which means that in summer months we may have to delay projects. We will communicate with our customers if weather is likely to cause a delay on their project. Please be aware that projects may be delayed due to a knock on effect of previous poor weather.

Hazardous Materials

  • If hazardous materials are exposed or noted during the facilitation of works (eg Asbestos/Lead), works will cease until a risk assessment has been carried out, and a method statement detailing safe procedure has been agreed. This may incur additional costs.


Wall2Wall is a highly in demand company and often we are booked many weeks, or months, in advance. This means that we often turn work away to accommodate our customers on a first come, first served basis. We appreciate that situations change however in order to continue to provide the high quality service we do, Wall2Wall reserves the right to charge for cancellations once a date has been provided. Cancellation ahead of a date being provided, and so cancellation will not impact our schedule, will not be charged. The fee structure for cancellation is below:

Within 4-2 weeks of start date: 15% charge

Within 2 weeks of the start date: 30% charge

Within 1 week of the start date: 50% charge

On day of project starting: 100% charge

Wall2Wall will strive to achieve this date and may offer earlier dates. Where unforeseen circumstances arrive relating to project the date may change at which point cancellation would not be charged. Wall2Wall has never cancelled on a customer, although there have been rare situations where significant delays occur, in this situation we will remain in close communication with you to find alternative dates that suit your schedule or allow cancellation at no charge.

Where, rather than cancellation, you would like to rearrange a project Wall2Wall will work with you to find a suitable date. In the rare situation that the schedule is unable to be reworked to facilitate this change this will be subject to 50% of the cancellation costs. Communication is key to achieving a fantastic finish on your project and so we ask that if there are any changes or challenges, please let us know as soon as possible.