When the time comes to refresh a room, you may find yourself considering a do-it-yourself approach. But unless you’re an experienced renovator, you may be better off bringing in a professional. In this article, we are going to explore the differences between doing your own decorating and hiring a painter and decorator.

A Painter And Decorator Will Have The Right Tools and Supplies

Professionals don’t just know how to prepare for a job; they’ll make sure they have the right supplies, including the right paint for your surface and lighting.

Decorators have access to trade suppliers and will be able to get hold of materials that you wouldn’t be able to get your hands on in a standard DIY store.

As well as this, they can save you money on decorating materials. You won’t need to buy any paint brushes, rollers, dust sheets, ladders – your decorator will come well-stocked and well-prepared.


It’s so easy to go over-budget when it comes to DIY. It’s not unheard of to begin a project on a small scale, and then watch the costs spiral out of control as each step of the project reveals a new item to purchase.

You may need to consider a few more things other than just paints and brushes if you are going to do the decorating yourself. For example, dust sheets, filler, caulk and sandpaper are a minimum requirement if you want to make a good job of it and unless you are 6ft tall, a set of safe steps will be needed. (ladders if you are going to tackle the Hall/Stairs/Landing)

Depending on the existing state of the rooms you plan to decorate you may also need a few other tools to assist the job; scrapers, filling knives, a caulking gun, paint kettles, rollers and a wallpaper stripper/steamer are just a few of the tools you could have to spend your budget on.

To help give you an idea of how much it would cost to decorate an average hall, stairs and landing, here is a shopping list of everything you would need:

  • 10 Litres (minimum) of good quality washable matt emulsion: £120.00
  • 5 Litres of good quality undercoat for doors, frames, skirting boards, handrails: £60.00
  • 5 Litres good quality topcoat for above: £60.00
  • Plaster filler: £15.00
  • Wood filler: £10.00
  • Caulk: £10.00
  • Sandpaper:£5.00
  • Brushes & Rollers: £30
  • Any tools, ie scrapers, filling knives etc: £30

Total Cost: £340.00
(cheaper alternatives can be sourced, but may not live up to expectations on finish or durability)

When you hire a decorator, you know what your costs are up front – making the renovation simple and easy to plan for.


When it comes to decorating, preparation is key. Without adequately preparing the area, you’re risking the integrity of the job.

Badly prepared surfaces, for example, will not retain paint for long. Preparation is necessary for longevity, and for an excellent finish.

Before you go ahead with any decorating work by yourself it’s worth asking yourself if you know which brand of paint will create the finish you need and considering which tools and equipment you may need to facilitate the job and whether or not you know how to use them.

Most importantly you need to feel confident that you have skills required to create the finish you’re hoping for and to know what to do if things don’t turn out as you expected. If you answered yes to the above questions, that’s great, you probably don’t need to hire a painter and decorator, you will do a good job by yourself. But if you answered no to any of the above, you may want to consider hiring a professional Painter & Decorator.

With a breadth of experience, a professional decorator will know exactly how to prepare your specific surface to make sure it looks great – and stays looking great.

The Cleanup

The worst part of any job is the cleaning up. Paint-splattered rags, brushes soaking in white spirit, sawdust and who knows what else will accumulate in your house before you can do anything to stop it.

The benefit of a painter and decorator is that they will take care of cleaning all their own tools and equipment and make sure they leave your house as clean and tidy as they found. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your nice new room!

A Painter And Decorator Will Save You Time

One of the things we haven’t mentioned yet is the time it takes to actually carry out the work.

Do you have 5-10 days available to get the job done? It’s not always easy to find the time in between work and family commitments to focus on a decorating project and it could end up taking you a lot longer than it should.

Re-decorating a room can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you lack experience and are figuring things out as you go.

The most obvious reason to hire a painter and decorator is that it will give you back the time you would have spent on DIY so you can spend it doing things you actually enjoy. By hiring a professional, you can take that time back, get on with your life, and come home to a beautiful-looking room.

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